Sunday, November 27, 2011

School is Scary

Sadly, for a lot of kids school, is a scary place. As we post this tonight, we offer a pray for those kids who really don't want to go back to school after Thanksgiving vacation. We pray for those who are victims of bullying and those who feel the need to engage in bullying behavior, because we recognize that those kids must feel a lot of hurt inside, to act out in such destructive ways.
Tonight we wanted to talk about another kind of scary school, much less scary than those troubled with bullies, but of interest to those who love a good ghost story.
The Broughton School building in South Park, PA is said to be haunted and there is some fairly decent evidence to confirm this. Check out this news article from WTAE in Pittsburgh. Do a quick google search of "haunted broughton school" and you'll find a lot more.

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