Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here's to the Winners

7 weeks
21 visits
3 states
100s of dollars
100s of miles
Countless screams
Countless laughs
10s of hours spent trying to decide on just a handful of awards.

Sincerely, we wish we could have given awards to nearly every place we visited during the Haunting Season.

We can't even imagine the hours, sweat, tears and energy that go into pulling off a haunted attraction.
The results here are the opinions of a few folks who love the Halloween season and being scared, so we hope no one will be hurt for not receiving an "official" award. We recognize that haunted attractions are, most of the time, a labor of love. The people who design, run and act in them are dedicated to giving people a memorable experience and we applaud and appreciate their efforts.
We do, however, want to recognize those whom we feel went "above and beyond" in our humble, haunted opinions. So far we offer only the list. This week we will be posting a detailed "Award Announcement" Show on youtube. Additionally, we will be expanding the descriptions of each category and detailing why its winner was chosen.
It was an incredible, memorable season. We thank you all.

Here's to the Winners

Top Five Haunts of 2011
Demon House
WV Penitentiary
Ghoul Mansion
Haunted Hills Estate
Factory of Terror

Best Actor: Gavin from Demon House

Best Cast: Ghoul Mansion

Best Hayride: Lonesome Valley Farms

Best Haunted Celebration: Haunted Hayloft

Must Anticipated Return: Bellevue Spooktacular

Best New Haunt: Terror Town Pittsburgh

Worth the Drive: Freddy’s Haunts
(tough to get there, but oh, so worth it)

Best in between Zoo Boo and Severed Heads: Eerie Acres
(if you're looking for a fright that is scary, but not traumatic)

Most Recommended: 100 Acres Manor
(consistently a quality haunt, never disappoints, and something for everyone, easy to recommend to anyone)

Best Way to Take Back Halloween for Christians: Sewickley United Methodist Church

Why Did I Miss This?!: Cheeseman Fright Farm and Rich's Fright Farm
(places some of us didn't get to this year, but from past experiences, really wish we would have, can't wait until next year)

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