About Us

It’s October 20 and nearly everyone has something spooky on his or her mind. Halloween is right around the corner and its been in the Targets and Walmarts for months. Haunted attractions are advertised on billboards, Facebook and in the paper. Bookstore owners and librarians have made their scary book displays. The Great Pumpkin is on network tv and the cable channels are featuring horror movie marathons. Sirius and XM radio will be breaking out the Halloween Channel in just a few days.
If you love being scared, this is the best time of year. If you love being scared, November 1 often brings post-holiday depression. This site is our own attempt to avoid PHD and we hope it will do the same for you.
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Sure, sure, she probably wasn’t thinking about horror movies or haunted hayrides when she said it, but we are still going to listen to the words of this legendary woman.
Here you will find media recommendations and reviews of the creepy kind. You’ll also find news about the Haunted Attraction industry and anything else scary or semi-frightening. Keep in mind, we aren't going to feature anything truly scary, the REAL scares like poverty and illness, hatred and intolerance.  We will just pray that God's love will be with all those who suffer from the really frightening aspects of life and we will do, individually, all we can do to guard each person's dignity, uphold each person's pride and ease their suffering in any little way that we can.  This blog isn't about the real crimes and horrors of the real world.  This site is for fun and a Halloweenie feeling twelve months out of the year!  Please join the conversation! Let’s keep things haunted all year round.